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Rimage  Producer IV 7200N CD DVD Publisher

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Robust CD-DVD-Blu-ray Publishing Solution

The Producer™ IV 7200N is the mid-range option in our high-end Producer™ IV offering, ideal for mid-volume customers who require high quality professional CD, DVD and Blu-ray™ Disc publishing and duplication equipment and minimal downtime. High capacity input bins allow continuous operation.

Key Features Include

  • Two front-swappable recorders
  • 300 disc input capacity
  • Embedded control center
Blu-ray drives available
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Blu-ray Drives Available

The 7200N can be used as a stand-alone device, a multi-user network device, or can be seamlessly integrated with any custom application. Rimage software makes disc creation and system management intuitive and simple, even for first-time users.

Recording Options
Two front-swappable recorders configurable for CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc recording.

Printing Options

  • Everest™ printers provide full-color or monochrome printing at 600 dpi print resolution.
  • Prism IIIprinters provide high-speed monochrome printing.

Control Centers
The embedded Control Center allows the 7200N to be configured as a network device and accessible by one user, one work group, or the entire organization. There is no need for a keyboard, monitor, or mouse.

Standard Features

  • Internal illumination for easy viewing or operation
  • LCD interface displays system status
  • Optional DiscWatch light displays system status

Product Specifications:

Control Center
Embedded Control Center
Blu-ray Disc Support
Network Ability
(Refer to the Rimage Advanced Setup Networking Guide)
Number of Recorders
Recorder Configurations
2 Blu-ray
1 CD/DVD/Blu-ray & 1 CD/DVD
DiscWatch Light Optional
Printers Supported
Everest 600
Prism III
Input Bin Capacity
Rotating four-bin carousel capable of holding 100 discs per bin
External Output Bin Capacity
Not available
Input and Output Configuration Options 300 disc input capacity (rotating four-bin carousel) and 300 disc output capacity (rotating carousel.)
Number of Different Media Types Supported

Three different types. When rotating four-bin carousel is confignred to support an input capacity of 300 discs, three different media types can be installed.

One media type. Rotating four-bin carousel is configured to support 300 discs. Fourth bin is used to collect completed discs.Other options are available.

Refer to Rimage Producer III User Guide.

Physical Size
Height - 25.3 in (64.1 cm)
Width - 16.3 in (41.3 cm)
Depth* - 24.8 in (62.9 cm)
Weight (without Printer) - 88 lb (39.9 kg)
Weight with Everest Printer - 133 lb (60.3 kg)
Weight with PrismPlus Printer - 108 lb (49.0 kg)

* Optional DiscWatch light increases height 6 inches (15.2 cm).
* To accommodate power cords and wiring, add 3.5 inches (9 cm).
PC Requirements Refer to the Technical Specifications
Network Ability Refer to the Rimage Advanced Setup (Networking) Guide
100 - 240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 4.7 - 3.7 Amp, 500 watt maximum
Operating Temperature
60° to 86° F (16° to 30° C)
40% to 80% non-condensing
Storage Temperature
4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C)

Rapid Exchange Contract
A Rapid Exchange contract offers you your own "spare system". If equipment problems cannot be resolved over the phone, a replacement unit will arrive the next business day (if it is ordered before 2:00 PM Central Time). You keep the replacement unit and return the malfunctioning system to Rimage within 5 business days. This agreement includes all non-consumable parts and labor.

Depot Repair Maintenance Plan
Rimage's Depot Maintenance plan offers comprehensive security and speed for systems repaired in our Minneapolis facility. It puts your equipment at the top of the list for troubleshooting and repairs. Your equipment will be returned three times faster than basic warranty service. Labor and non-consumable parts are fully covered. Ship your equipment to the Rimage repair depot and we will return it to you within 5 business days. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to Rimage and Rimage will pay return second day delivery shipping charges.

Rimage Software Maintenance
Rimage Software Maintenance ensures that the latest software revisions and/or updates are sent to you. This service is included as part of the above maintenance contracts.