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Blank DVD R Media from Premier manufacturer JVCJVC Blank DVD-r and DVD+R

JVC to Taiyo Yuden change over

As earlier announced, DVD and CD recordable media manufactured by Taiyo Yuden, will soon be sold under the name of JVC Media. All media will still be made in Japan.

JVC, the Inventor of CD-Recordable technology, offers media certified for the highest recording speeds. JVC again hits the mark with their DVD line. Highest compatibility in recording and playback, long shelf life and available in many formats.

MRS is one of the largest suppliers of JVC in the country. Call us today for pricing at 1-800-860-4560. Master Recording Supply carries full line including:

• DVD-R47ZZSB8- Silver Thermal Lacquer 8X DVD-R
• DVD-R47PRTSB8- White Thermal 8X DVD-R
• DVD-R47WPT600SK- White Thermal (Everest, TEAC) 8X DVD-R
• DVD-R47WPP600SK- White Inkjet HUB Printable 8X DVD-R
• DVD-R47SPYSB8- Silver Inkjet Printable 8X DVD-R
• DVD-R47ZZSB16- Silver Thermal Lacquer 16X DVD-R
• DVD-R47PRTSB16- White Thermal 16X DVD-R
• DVD-R47WPT600SK16- White Thermal (Everest, TEAC) 16X DVD-R
• DVD-R47WPP600SK16- White Inkjet HUB Printable 16X DVD-R
• DVD-R47SPYSB16- Silver Inkjet Printable 16X DVD-R
• DVD-R47WPPSB16-WS- Water Shield White Inkjet Printable 16x DVD-R NEW
• DVD+R47ZZSB8- Silver Thermal Lacquer 8X DVD+R
• DVD+R47WPT600SK- White Thermal (Everest, TEAC) 8X DVD+R
• DVD+R47WPP600SK- White Inkjet HUB Printable 8X DVD+R
• DVD+R47SPYSB8- Silver Inkjet Printable 8X DVD+R