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Introducing the Elegant 20 Target USB Flash Duplicator…

USB flash drives are becoming a main stream medium for interchange, storage and data distribution. With the universal acceptance of USB technology and the continued price drops in flash memory, the USB200PC USB Duplicator makes pen drive or thumb drive a viable option for data distribution and content management for field applications. The USB200PC simplifies USB Data Loading to flash drives to a quick and simple process…opening a whole new world for how USB flash drives are used.

Nexcopy is proud to introduce it’s PC Based USB Duplicator, the USB200PC.

» Copy 20 Pen Drives with Click of a Button
» Robust Software for Fast, Accurate Copies
» Copy Any Size Drives, From Any Manufacturer
» Contemporary Design with Brushed Metal Cover
» Saves Time and Money

The USB200PC is a sleekly designed product with outstanding performance, reliability and quality that will save you 100’s of hours in production time and $1,000’s of dollars in production costs.

Easy as a photocopier. With user friendly software interface, you can copy to 20 blank USB flash drives, simply and automatically. No “copy-n-paste.” No single drive loading. No hassles. The unit is a PC Based USB Duplicator device capable of copying at your flash drives maximum transfer speeds.

Key Features:
» Copy 20 USB flash drive automatically
» High Speed USB 2.0
» User friendly software interface
» Erase feature for USB flash memory
» Volume naming option for flash drive ID
» Format feature for those pesky unformatted drives
» Embedded verification function to ensure accuracy
» Contemporary design with heavy duty case for 24/7 operation
» Copy to any size flash drive combination and from any manufacturer

Why is the USB200PC a cost benefit to your company? Consider the following:

Security. It’s the number 1 issue with corporate America. With the USB200PC you control the intellectual property because you’re not sending content out for someone else to load. A priceless asset.

Most organizations purchase bulk flash drives then decide what content to load. The option to send out flash drives for duplication service takes time and costs you money; having an in-house solution gives you control over production.

Imagine the possibilities. Since USB flash drives are valuable data storage devices, having flash memory management equipment allows you to control data distribution via flash memory. From USB Music Albums to Company Sales Material to Promotional Items, the USB200PC is an economical and efficient USB duplicator to aid in your content loading requirements.

USB200PC Specifications

» Copies to 20 flash devices
» Operating Environment: PC Based
» Copies all Audio / Video / Data
» Power: Auto detects 120 / 240
» USB Technology: USB 2.0, compatible with 1.0
» Flash Drive Accommodation: Max 42mm Width x 12mm Height
» Weight 6.8 lbs / 3.08 kg
» Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 200 x 200 x 130

The PC based USB Duplicator is thoughtfully designed with enough space between each USB port to accommodate most any flash drive. In addition, the USB200PC has over current protection to safeguard the USB duplicator and flash drives from power spikes sometimes generated from poor construction in USB drives.

PC System Requirements

» 2.3GHz Processor or better, 1GB RAM
» Windows XP SP2
» 1 USB 2.0 high speed port
» Windows .NET Frameworks
» 20 Drive letters available on host PC system


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