Master Recording Supply, a major wholesale supplier for blank CD-R and DVD-R media.
  • Rimage Professional series 5400N & 3400
  • Epson Discproducer
  • USB 200 PC by Nexcopy

CDR Media from MAM-A (formerly Mitsui)Mitsui MAM-A blank media, Gold CDR, Archive CDR.

MAM-A, formerly Mitsui, is a leading manufacturer of quality recordable CDs and DVDs, with unique manufacturing technology. MAM-A provides a complete range of products, such as CD-Rs and DVD-Rs for audio, video, and long-term archiving. In addition to their products, MAM-A also provides associated services, including screen-printing for professional and consumer use.

Master Recording Supply is one of the largest MAM-A distributors in the USA. We have very competitive prices and carry the full line including:


• Standard 80 Minute Silver
• Standard 74 Minute Silver
• Thermal Printable 80 Minute
• Thermal Printable 74 Minute
• Inkjet Printable 80 Minute
• Inkjet Printable 74 Minute
• Digital Audio 80 Minute
• Digital Audio 74 Minute
• Gold Pro Audio Master 74 Minute
• Standard Gold 80 Minute
• Standard Gold 74 Minute
• Gold Archive 74 Minute
• Gold Thermal Printable 74 Minute
• Gold Inkjet Printable 74 Minute




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